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Post your horror stories here! - Roommate Horror Stories - share yours, here! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Roommate Horror Stories - share yours, here!

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Post your horror stories here! [Jan. 1st, 2037|01:00 am]
Roommate Horror Stories - share yours, here!
Welcome, new members! Vent, cry, rage about those problem roommates, we feel your pain.

From: sorryimearly
2009-06-12 07:58 am (UTC)

Horrid roommates

My roomates are so irresponsible and lazy. They do not take out the trash, clean, wash their hands. But then again you would have to own soap!

I'm so sick and tired of cleaning up after everyone. I am constantly spending my time and energy cleaning so my home never gets clean or neat.So it's a constant mess.

I had one roommate that lived here for a year. He never once took out the trash, cleaned common areas, had soap or a towel in the bathroom. My roommates are not normal humans!
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From: shgibby61981
2011-03-04 08:50 pm (UTC)

A Nightmare on Oakes Street 1

My bad roommate story tops them all I believe. I moved into a room for rent in the downtown area of Everett, Washington. The house seemed fine at first but 3 days later, the truth came out. Not only did I have one bad roommate but I had an entire basement (consisting of 6 people) full of them. I moved into this house because it was advertised as a clean and sober house. The day I came to check the place out it seemed really peaceful and quiet. Nobody was around except the old lady Karen and she seemed nice. Boy was I duped. Not only did the house end up not being sober, all the roommates in the basement started shooting up heroin. There was a fat ass bitch that lived down there that would eat all my ice cream every time I bought some. One time when she was in the kitchen I said I pity the fool that eats my ice cream next time. Her heroin addicted fiancé was the “house manager”. What a joke considering he was worthless in actually doing anything.
There was a 50ish year old lady (Karen) that ended up being the most evil, unpleasant roommate I have ever had. First, practically every morning, she would stand at the bottom of the stairs and yell up at my other two roommates in her cackled voice, " I need the fucking phone" or "JILLLL, JILLLLL, KRISSSI, KRISSI". Then later on in the day after she had downed 3 or 4 tall boys things would escalate. She would begin to spy on the next door neighbor who lived in a half way house for fellons. She would talk about how much she loved him and that he had broken her heart. I was under the impression that he was her boyfriend but it ended up that he was befriended by my other roommates and the evil roommate was stalking him. A couple weeks into being here, She propositioned me for sex and I refused. I didn't know it at the time but when someone would refuse her, she would do anything in her power to get rid of them. She continued to drink and bitch everyone out and make the place so depressing and glum for the next 5 months that we finally broke.

2 weeks before christmas, I became so depressed and felt hopeless. The first thing I heard that morning was "Jill, where's the phone" I thought "fuck, what am I going to do?"
I decided to take my whole bottle of sleeping pills so I would never have to see or hear her again. She pushed me over the edge. I got out of the hospital 5 days later and thought that things might be different but when I got home I heard that things had escalated. From what I heard, Karen believed that she saved my life because her bedroom key was the same as mine and she let my dad get in to take me to the hospital. All I could think is how narcissistic Karen was to think that she saved my life.
The first thing she started nagging about is that nobody did anything around the house except her. I mentioned that she wouldn't let anyone do anything because her nagging and negativity and bitching drove everyone away. I started sweeping and mopping and she told me to go to my fucking room. I said "you bitch when nobody helps and you bitch when they help". Which is it that you want? So I told her that I had the right to stay out and help since I actually pay my share of the rent. She would go off on a crack and alcohol binge everytime she got her monthly check and when she came home she mysteriously didn't have the rent money. She then told me that it seemed that my psych meds (anti-depressants) weren't working for me. I told her that it seemed that drinking didn't seem to be working for her. This opened the can, since her favorite thing in the world is drinking.
Continued on A nightmare on oakes street 2
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From: shgibby61981
2011-03-04 08:52 pm (UTC)

A nightmare on Oakes Street 2

My house has 2 bedrooms on the main floor and 2 on the top floor. Bad roommate’s (Karen) room and mine are on the main floor and the 2 good roommates bedrooms are on the top floor. Since Karen’s room is right off the living room, she seemed to think that she was in charge of the main floor. If anyone wanted to sit out in the living room and visit or watch tv, she would yell at us telling us to turn the fucking tv down, while her tv is blasting. I lived in this house for six months now and never sat in the living room until yesterday, since she has a restraining order right now against her.
We were not allowed to use the kitchen either without her nagging and harassment. My other roommate was cooking one day and witch roommate came into the kitchen and said, “ oh, that smells good can I taste it?” At the same time she sticks her dirty fingers into the sauce and sticks them into her mouth. Sufficed to say my roommate had to throw out the sauce she made.
We were never allowed to have leftovers in the fridge either. If one of us went to a restaurant and wanted to save the leftovers for the next day, they would be in the trash in the morning all the while the fridge is full of her thanksgiving leftovers growing mold.
If you happened to actually buy groceries and leave them in the kitchen like most normal people do, you had to right your name all over the packaging otherwise Karen would take them and write her name on them and say that she bought them.
My other roommate Jill would be making tacos and while in the process of preparing the ingredients, Karen would ask “ Are you done yet?” and Jill “ No Karen”. Karen would start putting some of the things away and start wiping down the counters. Weirdo.
During Karen’s blackouts, she would go out and pickup homeless alcoholic and drug addicted men and bring them home with her. They would spend the night and they would have sex and drink and use all night long. Sometimes these men would stay for days before leaving. One homeless man was bothering everyone else asking them if they had any medications. He brought a stupid little dog with him that would shit all over the place.
I believe that Karen never worked a day in her life. She would always laugh and brag about collecting unemployment, SSI, Disability and food stamps all at the same time. I can’t believe she never got caught.
One time she received $17,000 for back pay on her social security claim. At that time we had many other bad roommates in the basement, all of which did not get along with Karen. All of them hated her as well. They pretended to be her friend and helped her blow all of her money in less than 2 months.
I was never allowed to have ice cream or frozen treats. I bought ice cream one day and the next night while watching a movie I thought that it would be nice to have some ice cream. I went out to get it and the whole container was gone. I got pissed off and yelled, “ I guess I am not allowed to have Ice cream either”. I put the container of ice cream in a black garbage bag and put it in the freezer in an effort to make it more difficult for people to sneakily take it. Karen slipped up and said something about the flavor I was missing being in the black bag, and I knew it was her after that.
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From: shgibby61981
2011-03-04 08:56 pm (UTC)

A nighmare on Oakes St. 3

I was never allowed to have ice cream or frozen treats. I bought ice cream one day and the next night while watching a movie I thought that it would be nice to have some ice cream. I went out to get it and the whole container was gone. I got pissed off and yelled, “ I guess I am not allowed to have Ice cream either”. I put the container of ice cream in a black garbage bag and put it in the freezer in an effort to make it more difficult for people to sneakily take it. Karen slipped up and said something about the flavor I was missing being in the black bag, and I knew it was her after that.

The last few days she was here were by far the worse. It started on Thursday, December 30 2010. At this point the atmosphere at the house was so dark and it seemed that you could cut the air with a knife. It was so heavy and difficult being home. Everyone was holed up in their rooms because that was the only place Karen would allow us to be. Even there it was difficult dealing with her. So in the morning on Wednesday, the first thing I hear is Karen slamming the bathroom door and bitching. I open my door and said, “Fuck Karen, can’t you stop bitching for one day”. At that point she said that I had been sexually harassing her and that she was going to deal with it. I knew that this was not good because Karen had got about 10 people either kicked out of here or made them so sick that they just moved out. I couldn’t believe what she was doing.
I knew that things were coming to an end for her. I couldn’t take any more and the other roommates couldn’t as well. So, Thursday comes rolling around and she spent the day drinking 211 tallboys. The landlord told her that the drinking had to stop. In an effort to get her to sign a new agreement, he told Karen that the paper work was papers to get me out of the house on sexual harassment. She signed the papers without even reading them. After the landlord left, she figured that she was in the clear. She took off to the store to get more beer. At that time we turned off the front porch light and locked the front door. We knew that she was so drunk that she would have trouble getting back in. About 10 minutes later, she showed up and Krissi and I were in the living room. We turned off the living room lights and we heard Karen yell, “Open the fucking door”! We were like, yeah we’ll get right on it, NOT!!!!
We went back up to Krissi’s room and were laughing about how ridiculous she was being. Karen began to bang on the front door with all her fury and anger. This continued for about 45 minutes to an hour. Mind you that she had her keys the whole time and the back door was unlocked. The banging stopped for about 5 minutes so we were wondering what she was up to. We heard some noise from the back gate and thought, oh shit she is going to the back door. She couldn’t get the back gate open because of her feeble ass so the banging continued on the windows this time. She was so stupid that she threw her purse over the fence before even trying to open the gate. Her purse sat in the backyard for several days until our landlord found it in the backyard. She had $500 in the purse, which my landlord took since she owed him about $2000. A few minutes later we heard a crash. She threw a milk crate through the living room picture window. At this time I said enough of this shit. I got on the phone with 911 and went down stairs to assess the damages.
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From: shgibby61981
2011-03-04 08:56 pm (UTC)

A Nightmare on Oakes Street 4

When I made it down stairs, I looked towards the window and she was trying to climb through the window. She was yelling obscenities at me and told me to open the fucking door. I told her that she had the key to the front door, so she could let herself in. As she is climbing in the window, I noticed that her appearance was not that of a human being but rather a demon or devil. Her eyes were red and she was pissed off. As she is climbing through the window, huge shards of glass are falling. Since my patience for her were non existent at this time I was hoping that the shards would fall and slice her jugular or cut her head completely off. I know its evil to think that way but I was totally done with her, her attitude and everything that pertained to her. As she was climbing through the window, she is telling me how I’ve sexually harassed her and how she was going to get me.
A minute or so after she made it in, the Everett police showed up and I was for once relieved to see them. The police came in and took notes of the damage and Karen’s state. They asked Karen to come out and speak to them. They asked her if she had been drinking and she said no.
Then the police man said, “ If we take you to the station and give you a breathalyzer you are going to blow all zero’s right?”
Then Karen said, “well, I have been drinking but it was earlier today.”
Lie one against Karen.
Sitting on our front porch couch was a black bag that had one tall boy of 211 and sitting next to that was a half drank tall boy, which made the whole house reek of hobo beer.
The police then asked her, “Are those cans of beer your Karen?”
Karen said, “No those must be Shawn’s”
At this time I was more sober than sober and the police knew that.
Lie 2 against Karen.
Next, the police began to question her about her keys. She said that she did not have her keys and that they were in her bedroom, which was a lie because she could barely walk to the front porch without complaining about the pain, let alone walk to the store. The police officer searched her after asking if she had any weapons or anything that would poke them. The police found the keys in her pocket.
Lie 3 against Karen.

After being annoyed by all the lying the police officer said, “Okay Karen, turn around and put your hand behind your back. You are being arrested for Criminal Mischief.
Karen was hauled off to jail and remained there for 4 days. Her bail was only $100 and no one would bail her out. Unfortunately she was PR’d since she never had been in jail.
Since we knew about her shenanigans and how she gets people kicked out of the house, we knew that we had better get a restraining order against her before she did it to us. We went down and filed the paperwork and the Judge granted us a temporary harassment restraining order. We are to go back to court in two weeks in which I believe that the judge will grant us a permanent restraining order.
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From: shgibby61981
2011-03-04 08:57 pm (UTC)

A Nightmare on Oakes Street 5

You would think that the harassment would stop but it hasn’t. She continued to call us and ask us to do favors for her in an effort for us to break the no contact order. Good thing we are smarter than her drunk ass. Last night, someone came into our house after everyone was asleep. I can almost guarantee that it was her since nobody else would want to come in like that. The back gate was wide open and the back door was open when we got up this morning (1/6/11).
We have a court date set for 1/12/11 for the restraining order we received. I hope to God that the judge will see that she is psychotic and a threat to anyone that lives with her. I’m sure that I am not completely done with her yet, but I hope to God that I am.
On 1/12/11 I missed the court date because I got the court days mixed up. Luckily My roommate Jill went to court and got a permanent restraining order.
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From: shgibby61981
2011-03-04 08:57 pm (UTC)

A Nightmare on Oakes Street 6

My Ex Bad Roommate has gotten even dumber than before
For those of you that remember me bitching about the awful hag that was living with me that broke out the front window and was arrested. She moved in with some other helpless chaps (Greg and Roxy). They finally got sick of her before a months time.One night Karen decided to go and get smashed at the elks club. Greg took her keys because she was too drunk to drive, so she called the police on him. So when the police showed up Greg was like, “ Okay Karen, here's your keys.” The police officer told her that she had better not drive. She was so stupid she pulled away while the cops were there, and they pulled her over immediately and arrested her for DUI. Its one thing to get a DUI out of chance, its another to pull out while the cops are there and they know you are drunk.
Around the middle of February, 2011 Karen was released from Jail on the DUI charge. She then decided to go over to Greg and Roxy’s house ( Not sure why, since she badgered them for her keys). She brought over a half gallon of vodka and wanted to get drunk with Roxy and Greg. Roxy had a year sober and Greg had 2 years. They had fought with alcoholism and seemed to have a handle on it. I guess Karen showed up at a weak time for them, and they got drunk with her. After getting sloshed, Karen told Roxy that Greg had the hots for her and that Greg thought that Karen was more attractive than Roxy. Roxy punched her in the face several times and Karen called the police on her. The Everett police showed up and arrested Karen because she had warrants out on her for missing court dates on the previous 2 incidents this year. Roxy didn’t even get in trouble. As Karen is being led out in hand cuffs, she dropped hundred dollar bills so Roxy and Greg picked them up behind her as she was being led away. How frickin’ bizarre.
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From: shgibby61981
2011-03-04 08:59 pm (UTC)

Shady ass roommates need not apply

Ok, so the bad roommate story continues. We moved in two individuals to take over the room that the wicked witch of the west occupied. They were a male and female couple. At first, they seemed like they might be alright ( the first day) but we were skeptical because of our last roommate experience. During the first few days, the house turned into grand central station for the homeless, and most shady ass people you could think of. I have been sick for the better part of a week and I would go out to get a bottle water from the fridge at 12am and there would be a group of people congregating in the kitchen. One guy reached out his hand to shake mine and said, “ Hi, I’m so and so” I said, “Can’t I come out to get a drink of water without having to fucking meet someone new”. Shit got old real fast, so we put a stop to it. We sat down and had a house meeting about all the traffic and weird behavior. Things quieted down, at least visually. They would still bring the shady characters around, they just seemed to stay in their bedroom.

The night before last (2/25/11) I began to get a gut feeling that things could get dangerous. I have learned to listen to those gut feelings, so I ordered a 1.5 million volt stun gun off of ebay. At least now if things get out of hand I’ll have a way to defuse the situation. So last night (2/26/11) A real shady character was poking his head around and I said, enough of this bullshit. My good roommate and I called the manager and we told him about what was going on. He showed up a few minutes later with some urine tests and asked the shady guest if he was clean and sober. The shady guy said yes and the manager then said, “ If you are clean and sober, then you won’t mind taking a UA, right?” The shady character then said that that was a violation of his privacy rights. We then let him know that if he was unwilling to take a ua for us that he was not allowed to be here. He left without incident. The woman bad roommate was the first to take the UA. She came back positive for Methamphetamines, which she said was because she is on Aderall. Aderall does show up as Methamphetamines on UA tests. We then asked her if she was on Aderall with a prescription. She said she was so we asked to see the prescription bottle. She stated that the prescription was at her mother’s house so she wouldn’t lose it. Now, to me that doesn’t make any sense. I am on 3 prescriptions that I take every day. I would never think to keep it at my parents house in order to keep from losing them. I call bullshit on that statement. So, we let them know that they need to show us proof that they have prescriptions for the Aderall. If not, they are going to be kicked out. It sucks that we have to go through all this to get rid of bad roommates, but the laws are stringent and we are trying to cover our own asses. We had them sign an agreement that they would remain clean and sober while they lived here. If they fail to show us the prescriptions, we can rightfully remove them from the premises.
So during their stint at our house, we were having troubles with our furnace. So for a couple weeks we had to heat our bedrooms with space heaters. The common areas were cold because every time we tried plugging in heaters in those areas the breaker would trip. We thought this was weird because we had run many space heaters at the same time before. When the landlord came over to assess the electrical situation, we found out that they were running 3 heaters in their room at the same time. No wonder the breakers were tripping. One sign that someone is on Meth is that they are extremely cold. Luckily we got the heat fixed the day they moved out.

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From: shgibby61981
2011-03-04 09:01 pm (UTC)

Shady ass roommates need not apply 2

So yesterday (3/2/11) I got notice from the landlord that they were moving out. I was so happy I couldn’t stop laughing to myself about these pathetic people. We were concerned that they would leave without giving us the keys back, so I went down and pounded on their bedroom door. I knew that he was in there because I saw him go in there a few minutes prior. So I began pounding like a police officer. That is the last thing someone geeked out on Meth wants to hear, so Shane decided to dive out the bedroom window and take off. I opened his door with the key I had, and he was gone. I thought that this was very pathetic. I decided to hang out in the living room and wait for him to return. I had several things to do that day, but could not leave the house until I knew they were out. Shane had one of his street brothers over to “help” him move. Shane had practically nothing in his room and it took him over 4 hours to pack his shit. While I was waiting in the living room, I kept hearing the flicking of lighters, which meant that they were getting high. We decided to call the landlord and told him that they were smoking meth in the room. He came over with his son and they started moving their stuff out.
After they moved out of the room, we found a poster that Shane had made. It had M.O.B on it in letters written in a style that looked like a pathetic attempt at graffiti writing. Under the M.O.B was written “Money Over Bitch’s”, misspelled of course. In the corner was written Shane C AKA Riddlebox. Shane and his friends referred to each other as “Jugalos”, which was what a pathetic rap group from the mid nineties referred themselves to ( the group was Insane Clown Posse”. This was completely juvenile for a 25 year old “man”. Jill and I had some good laughs about how pathetic all this “Jugalo” business was.
So the good news about this bad roommate bout was that they were hear less than a month. We stuck to our guns and made it extremely uncomfortable for them and their douchebag friends. We were proud of ourselves for not letting themselves take over the house.

So what’s going to be next in this saga I call Rotten Roommates. Your guess is as good as mine. At this point in my roommate career, I’ve pretty much seen everything there is to see. Everything short of murder that is. I’ve had roommates die and remain in their rooms for days before anyone noticing. I’ve had hookers steal my other roommates cars, I’ve had roommates get drunk on Dayquil and run around the condo naked and out of their minds.
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