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Post your horror stories here! [Jan. 1st, 2037|01:00 am]
Roommate Horror Stories - share yours, here!
Welcome, new members! Vent, cry, rage about those problem roommates, we feel your pain.

From: shgibby61981
2011-03-04 08:57 pm (UTC)

A Nightmare on Oakes Street 6

My Ex Bad Roommate has gotten even dumber than before
For those of you that remember me bitching about the awful hag that was living with me that broke out the front window and was arrested. She moved in with some other helpless chaps (Greg and Roxy). They finally got sick of her before a months time.One night Karen decided to go and get smashed at the elks club. Greg took her keys because she was too drunk to drive, so she called the police on him. So when the police showed up Greg was like, “ Okay Karen, here's your keys.” The police officer told her that she had better not drive. She was so stupid she pulled away while the cops were there, and they pulled her over immediately and arrested her for DUI. Its one thing to get a DUI out of chance, its another to pull out while the cops are there and they know you are drunk.
Around the middle of February, 2011 Karen was released from Jail on the DUI charge. She then decided to go over to Greg and Roxy’s house ( Not sure why, since she badgered them for her keys). She brought over a half gallon of vodka and wanted to get drunk with Roxy and Greg. Roxy had a year sober and Greg had 2 years. They had fought with alcoholism and seemed to have a handle on it. I guess Karen showed up at a weak time for them, and they got drunk with her. After getting sloshed, Karen told Roxy that Greg had the hots for her and that Greg thought that Karen was more attractive than Roxy. Roxy punched her in the face several times and Karen called the police on her. The Everett police showed up and arrested Karen because she had warrants out on her for missing court dates on the previous 2 incidents this year. Roxy didn’t even get in trouble. As Karen is being led out in hand cuffs, she dropped hundred dollar bills so Roxy and Greg picked them up behind her as she was being led away. How frickin’ bizarre.
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