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Post your horror stories here! [Jan. 1st, 2037|01:00 am]
Roommate Horror Stories - share yours, here!
Welcome, new members! Vent, cry, rage about those problem roommates, we feel your pain.

From: shgibby61981
2011-03-04 08:56 pm (UTC)

A Nightmare on Oakes Street 4

When I made it down stairs, I looked towards the window and she was trying to climb through the window. She was yelling obscenities at me and told me to open the fucking door. I told her that she had the key to the front door, so she could let herself in. As she is climbing in the window, I noticed that her appearance was not that of a human being but rather a demon or devil. Her eyes were red and she was pissed off. As she is climbing through the window, huge shards of glass are falling. Since my patience for her were non existent at this time I was hoping that the shards would fall and slice her jugular or cut her head completely off. I know its evil to think that way but I was totally done with her, her attitude and everything that pertained to her. As she was climbing through the window, she is telling me how I’ve sexually harassed her and how she was going to get me.
A minute or so after she made it in, the Everett police showed up and I was for once relieved to see them. The police came in and took notes of the damage and Karen’s state. They asked Karen to come out and speak to them. They asked her if she had been drinking and she said no.
Then the police man said, “ If we take you to the station and give you a breathalyzer you are going to blow all zero’s right?”
Then Karen said, “well, I have been drinking but it was earlier today.”
Lie one against Karen.
Sitting on our front porch couch was a black bag that had one tall boy of 211 and sitting next to that was a half drank tall boy, which made the whole house reek of hobo beer.
The police then asked her, “Are those cans of beer your Karen?”
Karen said, “No those must be Shawn’s”
At this time I was more sober than sober and the police knew that.
Lie 2 against Karen.
Next, the police began to question her about her keys. She said that she did not have her keys and that they were in her bedroom, which was a lie because she could barely walk to the front porch without complaining about the pain, let alone walk to the store. The police officer searched her after asking if she had any weapons or anything that would poke them. The police found the keys in her pocket.
Lie 3 against Karen.

After being annoyed by all the lying the police officer said, “Okay Karen, turn around and put your hand behind your back. You are being arrested for Criminal Mischief.
Karen was hauled off to jail and remained there for 4 days. Her bail was only $100 and no one would bail her out. Unfortunately she was PR’d since she never had been in jail.
Since we knew about her shenanigans and how she gets people kicked out of the house, we knew that we had better get a restraining order against her before she did it to us. We went down and filed the paperwork and the Judge granted us a temporary harassment restraining order. We are to go back to court in two weeks in which I believe that the judge will grant us a permanent restraining order.
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