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Post your horror stories here! [Jan. 1st, 2037|01:00 am]
Roommate Horror Stories - share yours, here!
Welcome, new members! Vent, cry, rage about those problem roommates, we feel your pain.

From: shgibby61981
2011-03-04 08:56 pm (UTC)

A nighmare on Oakes St. 3

I was never allowed to have ice cream or frozen treats. I bought ice cream one day and the next night while watching a movie I thought that it would be nice to have some ice cream. I went out to get it and the whole container was gone. I got pissed off and yelled, “ I guess I am not allowed to have Ice cream either”. I put the container of ice cream in a black garbage bag and put it in the freezer in an effort to make it more difficult for people to sneakily take it. Karen slipped up and said something about the flavor I was missing being in the black bag, and I knew it was her after that.

The last few days she was here were by far the worse. It started on Thursday, December 30 2010. At this point the atmosphere at the house was so dark and it seemed that you could cut the air with a knife. It was so heavy and difficult being home. Everyone was holed up in their rooms because that was the only place Karen would allow us to be. Even there it was difficult dealing with her. So in the morning on Wednesday, the first thing I hear is Karen slamming the bathroom door and bitching. I open my door and said, “Fuck Karen, can’t you stop bitching for one day”. At that point she said that I had been sexually harassing her and that she was going to deal with it. I knew that this was not good because Karen had got about 10 people either kicked out of here or made them so sick that they just moved out. I couldn’t believe what she was doing.
I knew that things were coming to an end for her. I couldn’t take any more and the other roommates couldn’t as well. So, Thursday comes rolling around and she spent the day drinking 211 tallboys. The landlord told her that the drinking had to stop. In an effort to get her to sign a new agreement, he told Karen that the paper work was papers to get me out of the house on sexual harassment. She signed the papers without even reading them. After the landlord left, she figured that she was in the clear. She took off to the store to get more beer. At that time we turned off the front porch light and locked the front door. We knew that she was so drunk that she would have trouble getting back in. About 10 minutes later, she showed up and Krissi and I were in the living room. We turned off the living room lights and we heard Karen yell, “Open the fucking door”! We were like, yeah we’ll get right on it, NOT!!!!
We went back up to Krissi’s room and were laughing about how ridiculous she was being. Karen began to bang on the front door with all her fury and anger. This continued for about 45 minutes to an hour. Mind you that she had her keys the whole time and the back door was unlocked. The banging stopped for about 5 minutes so we were wondering what she was up to. We heard some noise from the back gate and thought, oh shit she is going to the back door. She couldn’t get the back gate open because of her feeble ass so the banging continued on the windows this time. She was so stupid that she threw her purse over the fence before even trying to open the gate. Her purse sat in the backyard for several days until our landlord found it in the backyard. She had $500 in the purse, which my landlord took since she owed him about $2000. A few minutes later we heard a crash. She threw a milk crate through the living room picture window. At this time I said enough of this shit. I got on the phone with 911 and went down stairs to assess the damages.
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